Jag har här sammanställt ett antal webbhotell som är gratis och som mer eller mindre saknar reklam i form av banners eller popup's. Vissa webbhotell har dock andra hakar som t.ex. att man måste skriva ett visst antal inlägg i deras forum, etc.
Jag har också, för de flesta webbhotellen, lagt in ett litet sammandrag med kommentarer från andra som testat webbhotellen.

Om det är någon som testat något av nedanstående webbhotell är jag tacksam för synpunkter.

Webbhotell Info Utrymme Upload Kommentarer CGI-scripts Adresser Info
AdvantageHost   250 MB FTP, Webläsare 25GB Data Transfer 750MB Disk Space 100mbps Network Connection 99.9% Uptime PHP, Perl and SSI Access to Many Pre-installed Scripts Access to the Script database Free Search Engine Submission With many more features!
OBS! Endast inom UK
CGI-BIN Subdomain  
Angel Towns   50 MB Webbläsare They promise 50 MB, but they deliver about 3.3 MB. Without warning, the site seems to be limited. Multiple errors in their web interface. Changing directories does not work in some links. I only wish they had FTP access to facilitate uploading many small files automatically. The only catch is that you have to log in at least once every 30 days or your account will be deleted. You can upload up to 10 files at a time--and it's very fast. It is very easy to sign up, and you are automatically approved, none of that summary writing and what not. Unfortunatly there's no PHP or ftp support and they don't have nameservers they let you use. Collection /members/you  
Astahost   150 MB FTP, Webbläsare you need to post at our forums actively, in order to receive hosting. To even get an acount you have to make 50 usefull(!!!) posts to their forums, thought I'll give it a try anyway, but unfortunatly posting just 'causes errors on their forums, so no way to get your points :(
Their rules were: 10 good posts for your starter package (20 mb diskspace, 2 gb monthly bandwidth & ALL features) and an additional 50 over the first 10 for an upgrade (150mb space, 3 gb monthly bandwidth & the rest). With this in mind I embarked upon my posting mission - and however daunting a task those first 10 posts might sound - I had them in no time. After that it was a breeze. These 10 posts or the subsequent ones that you've to do to maintain your account is hardly ANYTHING for the amazing host of features they are offering. PHP & Perl for one, unlimited MySQL/PostGRESQL Databases, unlimited email accounts, autoresponders & mail filters, unlimited subdomains, unlimited ftp accounts & mailing lists, cPanel, Fantastico, Hundreds of Pre-compiled Scripts & Forum Software - these are but a minimal glimpse of the mindboggling array of features you get here.
CGI-BIN Subdomain  
ATSPACE.COM   50 MB FTP, Webbläsare A few notes: 1). The username you sign up with is not necessarily the subdomain name in the URL. 2). If you sign up with a username that has already been taken, you get an error saying "You have already been signed up" which was a bit confusing to me. 3). This site does not seem to have PHP
I had an account there for a couple of months and everything seemed to work fine. Then suddenly one day, when I tried to log in, I found a message saying that my account had been blocked. No further explanations. I am tired of sending them mails, but they won't bother to answer. And besides, their server goes to hell about once a month, for a couple of days.
The maximum file size for any single file is 200 kb!
They don't have support.
No forum postings required, no email activation, no long waits for site approval - signup happens just under 5 mins. Their control panel is quite feature rich, clean and easy to use ever for a newbie and the speed (even over a measly dialup) is awesome. The ability to add unlimited number of virtual hosts (yourhost.atspace.com or yourhost.atspace.org) and your own domain (with atspace nameservers) makes it even more cool & snazzy.
No Subdomain, Domain  
AUSHOST   40 MB FTP FrontPage No ads CGI-BIN Domain  
BePlaced.com   100 MB Webbläsare FrontPage Signup is extremely easy. You need to fill in ONLY 6 forms, and then you dont even need a validation email! I didnt see any ads either. It comes with a free counter, and FTP. Also has PHP, but I would like some mySQL.
I kept trying to upload a file. At first it said the characters weren't accepted. Then I edited the name and it said "uploaded error." When I attempted to visit sites that I THOUGHT I had succeeded in creating, all I saw were the words "Internal Error".
CGI-BIN Subdomain  
CJB.cc   100 MB FTP, Webbläsare Even if you cannot get the MySQL option which is currently available, there are many php scripts available that don't even need a MySQL database.
Inactivity time limit (30 days).
Nej Subdomain  
HostGool   50 MB FTP, Webbläsare No ads CGI-BIN Domain  
Portland   15 MB FTP Not a bad service for being free. I haven't needed tech support yet so I can't attest to their service. They are however in the process of removing cgi-bin access for their free webspace users. Users can check their account from Portland's website and see how much space they have used so far, how much uploaded per month, etc and test their ftp status. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants an ad free service that is totally ad free and who likes to ftp to their account.
There is FTP access. There is CGI, PHP, SSI, Perl, etc., available. And they actually respond to e-mail from free account holders.
You can NOT sign up for a free account. You MUST pick an option (extra webspace etc) and you'll have to pay for that option monthly.
You can NOT sign up for a free account. You MUST pick an option (extra webspace etc) and you'll have to pay for that option monthly.
Sendmail and mail() is disabled for all free host clients.
CGI-BIN Subdomain  
FreeWebTown.com   1000 MB FTP, E-post FrontPage This is great for people who use frontpage. Its is a bit on the slow side to load up but it has no ads and frontpage extensions on it.
It's often very very slow.
Collection directory  
Websamba.com       Fully support FTP & ASP Access      
Netfreehost.com   10 MB FTP, Webbläsare No ads Collection Subdomain  
Webbhotell Info  Utrymme Upload Kommentarer CGI-scripts Adresser Info
Dalir Networks   50 MB FTP, Webbläsare FrontPage Signup was quick but an annoying POPUP alerts you that you 'may' get an account in 'about' TWO DAYS.
You have to be active in their forum to get an account.
The rules for application for server space change periodically. 'Currently' the rules are that you must make 10+ spamless posts (IE, no one sentence posts, double posting, and all in all making an idiot of yourself) then you will compete on a day to day basis for the top two posters on their forum. Again, no spam. Those who meet this contest will earn some web space.
CGI-BIN Domain, subdomains
FreeWebs.com   100 MB Webbläsare Premium users have to wait 7 days before using site add ons such as guestbook.
The upload server constantly times out, you can only upload one file at a time, and there is a maximum of JUST 50 FILES per account.
Freewebs doesn't give you a great web address and they may be kind of slow.
The only thing bad is the one file one time upload.
Didn't ask for excessive amounts of information (just name and email) and I had a page up in 3 minutes.
People think you can only have 7 pages NOT TRUE!! If you get the advanced part when you sign up you can have a LOT more. Also if you run out of space, just get a new account and link your new account to the other site.
This site completely lies (or leaves out) important info. Things you should know before signing up and wasting your time: 1. 7 page limit for free users 2. 50 file limit for free users 3. 1 file upload at a time .
I could open as many accounts as I want, link them, use an image host like photobucket for pics, and use a redirection host like www.cjb.net to cet a nice site with virtually unlimited space and a nice looking domain.
They do make place a small link at the bottom all free premade templates hosted by them. If you upload your own site then you must place the link in it yourself. Failure to do so will result in termination of your account.
I like freewebs except that you have to pay $1.00/ month if you don't want them to put a banner on your site that says: "This site was built by freewebs. To build your own site click here".
HALF THE TIME, I CAN'T GET IN TO EDIT MY SITE! There are many times that, after logging in, I have to wait for the next screen to load.
There are no ads, just a tiny sentence at the bottom of the page BELOW your footer].
They say that you can have cgi files after your site is established by writing to them. Translated, that means, you can upgrade and pay for it. I don;t find that unreasonable, but they should say that you cannot have cgi on free accounts.
I couldn't upload the backround I wanted! I can only use the stupid templates they give me!
Collection /you  
webspace4free.biz   200 MB Webbläsare This is the most unreliable web hosting that I've known so far. Your entired website can disappear without a trace at any time. WATCH OUT!!!
It is easy to get your own domain up and running in a few minutes there. There is a 400 kb size limit on files, but no clear error message when you try to upload files larger than their limit. But ... sometimes files disappear from the site, quite randomly it seems. And last night everything was gone! I needed to load upp all the files again of course, but the worst thing was that even my registration had gone. Somebody else could have gone in and registered "my" domain name there. So their reliability is very low, but I will stick with them for this site. There is very little advertising. It is OK for shortlived projects.
They do have some pop-up code inserted into your html.
Was adequete until the pop-up ads were introduced.
Maximun upload is 400k. There is Only HTML no CGI or PHP.
They want to have your address.
CGI-BIN Subdomain  
Webbhotell Info  Utrymme Upload Kommentarer CGI-scripts Adresser Info
FR&T   100 MB FTP, Webbläsare FrontPage Signup process is complex and slow. You have to change payment method to "mail in payment" even if you're not paying for anything. They say there will be a 5 day delay to validate the signup details. You have to give credit card information.
Unfortunately their free servers spend more time offline than up
Offers PHP, ASP, ASP.net, CGI, all the scripting languages, POP3 mail (not just one but 10!!!!), web mail, CPANEL PRO.
CGI-BIN Subdomain & domain  
CGI-BIN Domain / Subdomain  

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