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The numbers in swedish

The numbers in swedish

The numbers in swedish and in english are very similar. If, for example, you want to say 75 you just take the word for 70, "sjuttio", and the word for 5, "fem", and put them together to make "sjuttiofem". This works in exactly the same way as it does in english.

One of the differences is that there are two words for the number one, "en" and "ett", which are used together with words of the two different genders. For example you would say "en stol" for "one chair" but "ett bord" for "one table".

Another small difference is that when using the numbers between 100 and 199 you don't always have to use the "one" part in the numbers. For example: to say "105 crowns" you can use one of the two alternatives "etthundrafem kronor" and "hundrafem kronor".

This is also possible with the number 1000, but no other number above that. "Tusen kronor" is possible, but you would have to say "ettusenen" or "ettusenett" for 1001.

The numbers from 1 to 10

en,ett			one
två			two
tre			three
fyra			four
fem			five
sex			six
sju			seven
åtta			eight
nio			nine
tio			ten

The numbers from 11 to 21

elva			eleven
tolv			twelve
tretton			thirteen
fjorton			fourteen
femton			fifteen
sexton			sixteen
sjutton			seventeen
arton			eighteen
nitton			nineteen
tjugo			twenty
tjugoen, tjugoett	twentyone

Some other numbers

trettio			thirty
fyrtio			forty
femtio			fifty
sextio			sixty
sjuttio			seventy
åttio			eighty
nittio			ninety
(ett)hundra		(one)hundred
tvåhundra		two hundred
(ett)tusen		(one)thousand
tvåtusen		two thousand


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