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There is nothing I want to warn more for than the web hotel B-One

General info about B-One web hotel

B-One is an organization that exists in Denmark, Germany, England and Holland (not in Sweden).

The following applies for the web hotel B-One:
  1. Not one telephone number to call
  2. Secret organization
    • Not one name, telephone number, e-mail addres, or anything else to any person within the organization
    • No identification number of any kind for the company is stated anywhere
  3. Widely spread discontent - Internet is full of displeased views on B-One
  4. B-One is costly! Many better/cheaper alternatives exist today
  5. Arrogant attitude
  6. Secret support periods, at best between 9-16 everyday
  7. No e-mail address to the support
  8. “replies within 24 hours” = perhaps you get a reply in the future
  9. Unreachable sales department
  10. Agreement changes to the members' disadvantage, without notification
  11. Not working order form
  12. Bad web site, functions badly and scarse information
  13. You get suspended only if B-One feels like doing so (without any reason)
  14. Poor control panel
  15. Not updated systems
  16. B-One is a Danish company that lies in Denmark
  17. What other has to say about B-One
  18. Don't be fooled!
  19. My dialogue with B-One!
  20. Examples of better alternatives than B-One!

Below, I develop this a bit more.

1. Telephone numbers are missing

B-one does not have an one telephone number to dial !!!

If you haven't encountered any problems with a company without telephone you can never imagine the frustration that arises when you have no possibility to call the company!
Is the since, as fallen seems to last with B-One, a support person comprizing only a person that is as well inkompetent that arrogant and unpleasant to sow becomes the situation not so a lot of funnier.

After my problems with B-One I know how tough this situation is.

But one learns from the mistakes and I now know better than to ever to use a company that lacks contact ways, just as B-One does.

2. Secret organization

There is no power in the world that can make the support person on B-one to disclose who is the responsible manager. Under no circumstances the will tell you names, telephone numbers, e-mail address or anything else about any person working for B-One!!! B-One never gives in here.
Today, I know the reason to this. Few companies have namely so many complaints that B-One. It's natural that, with this huge dissatisfaction, they will not give out any way to contact this company. You have to accept that the only way to get in touch with B-One is thru the support person, and you need a silent prayer each time that the support person will support you.

Even the the support person is entirelily anonymous. The only thing they give out is the signature (i.e. JSO) of the support person. You will not even get to know his first names (or where this support person person is located).

What do you think the consequences are?
Well, if you are displeased with the support person and his treatment of yourself, them there is no responsible person to turn to. There is no manager to express your complaints to. Tje support can say and do exactly what they like and behave exatly how they want since they're always in their safe environment. They know that however bad they behave, noone will ever find out.

You can not get any identification number for the company, or corresponding (all in order to complicate complaints and for people wanting to sue the company). Neither via B-One ' s sait or via the support person.

3. Widely spread dissatisfaction

If you search Internet you will find few companies with such a massive dissatisfaction as B-One. I have practically seen no positive comment about B-One.

This shows how important it is to first search the Internet for information and experiences from others.

4. B-One - not only a poor alternative, without also costly!

When I started with B-One in August 2004 B-One had fairly good prices (relatively), and I let myself to be tricked of this since I then was in a a bit stressful situation to find a webbhotell. Today, I can only see that there exist many cheaper alternatives. Not only that! The cheaper alternatives are all better (or equally good) on almost every point of view compared to B-One.
This shows that one must continuously check the market's development.

5. Unpleasant behaviour

As if it wasn't enough with all other problems concerning B-One the support person is neither accommodated or particularly nice in what they/he/she types. I doesn't matter how nice you are towards this support person. But this perhaps is a natural consequence if there is only one person single-handedly has to receive so many complaints from all users.

You can see from my communication with B-One below that the support has no interest of supporting the customers or achieveing a satisfactory support. The most important for the support is to show their power, and to give you as much problems as possible.

6. Opening hours for the supprt is at the best 09.00 - 16.00

B-one does not want to inform about supportäs opening hours!!!
When I put pressure on them they explained that the support does not have any special opening hours (as the support exactly expressed it) but that they where open during “office hours”.
I have after my many contacts with B-One ' s support noticed that there is no support before 09.00 in the morning (sometimes not until just before lunch time). And I can guarantee that a second after kl. 16.00 in the afternoon there never is any support to reach at B-One!

7. The support does not only lack phones, but also e-mail address

That only contact with B-One is via a contact form to the support.
This contact form is to so smart that you will not see when messages are recieved.

8. “reply within 24 hours”? - No support durin weeklends!

B-One promises to reply within 24 hours. What do you thin k this means? I know! It means that you often get a reply within 24 hours (as a rule between 12 and 24 hours, unless it is an “urgent situation” according to support's personal thinking). But do not count on any reply that you have any use for. The suppor lacks competence in order for you to get any worthwhile replies. The support does not even have the most elementary knowledge about computers, servers and other technology that a web hotel uses.

In other word so, you can ask a question, receive a stupid reply after 23 hours, ask a new question, receive a new unintelligent and uniteresting reply after 20 hours, and so on. A simple thing to solve can take weeks! The is not so funny to when your site is down.

Observe that their promise to reply within 24 hours does not apply always. The support replies only on those messages that the support person feels to respond to. If it becomes too complicated so will get no reply at all.

N.B.! As can be seen below from my dialogue with B-One there exists no support during weekends!

9. The sales department refuses to reply on mail

B-One has only an only e-mail address, and the goes to B-One ' s sale department.
But forget entirelily that someone replies on this e-mail address. They don't even seem interested of replying if you want to sign a subscription at B-One.

10. No information about change of agreements

In March 2005 B-One changed the agreement. They did this without premonition. Theye even ignored in informing about this afterwards.

11. Not operational order form

B-One has an order form on their web site. But if one does not exactly foloow the cryptic explanations about how the form will be filled in the form becomes locked and you get a warning that registration is not possible. N.B.! For “all future”! This happened to me, Not a very good first impression of this organisation. Nevertheless each I stupidly I put down energy on that B-one had to solve this problem.

12. Exceptional poor webbsajt

B-One has a webbsajt. Funktionsmässigt is the wretched but informationsmässigt is the among the poorest I ever seen. That small information where stands in agreements and on sajten is on consistently poor Danish Swedish. Is one not shark on Danish so sheep man problems already here!

13. You become suspended straightlily of only about B-One knows for the

B-One claims that the has “free traffic”. An of the most common complaints against B-One is however just that B-One shuts down member that the thinks has too much traffic to its websites. The exists no boundaries, the exists no rules, sows B-One ' s exclusions are entire up to what B-One knows for. The members have only to correct in itself in the stage and to follow what B-One says from time to other. The is only free traffic up to a certain level, but you may never know where this boundary goes.
Sows apart from all other substantial problems with B-One must you worry you each day for about B-One has closed down your webbsajt based on nothing. The does not feel reasonableily to buy a service without knowing what man may, and where the do not finns any permanent rules and the could is entirelily rightless.

14. Poor control panel

B-Ones control panel is the simplast possible. You can t.ex not see how a lot of scope you use (per folder, etc as man can to do with other control panels (t.ex cpanel). The means that when B-One shuts down you pursues exercizing square using of counter scope (which the unfortunately does when the knows for the, irrespective of how little scope you use) sows can you not on some simple way to assert your court. You are entire in the hands on B-One.

Not believe that you can load home all you have on your FTP-area to your hard disk in order to confirm how a lot of scope the takes there. The cares itself B-One not the smallest about. For them is the only as concerns what their own counter sheep for themselves to say about your counter use. N.B.! This counter does not function always… alternative is manipulerad of B-One.

15. Not updated systems

B-One has no interest of hanging with in the development, and to trust that this Danish webbhotell stating does not erase in same rat that other more serious webbhotell normal does.

16. More difficult to report foreign companies

When man chooses to buy a service or a product abroad so must one be aware about that the not precise is simpler to report a company about this is located outside Sweden. I certainly will report B-One to bl Consumer Europe and - about this does not give any result - draws the company before correct in Danish court. But I had of course gladly seen that this come about on home ground, since I am more familiar with the procedures here.

And for the as wonders, yes the alone case will I change webbhotell from B-One, and I sacrifice with blessing those four months I have left before my subscription time at B-One exits!

Views from other about B-One

The only as seems to have some positive to say about B-One is B-One the actual or the as serves money on B-One.
Here, some links follow about what the actual members have to say about the web hotel B-One (therefore views from them that does not have economic advantages of speaking well about the company).

“warning for B-One”
“ cash on the operation security”
“do not use b-one as webbhotell”
“no for serious”
“B-One a cold canard Webbhotell”
“B-One is kasst for ASPEN and XML”
“I has never become so poorly treated”
“do not choose B-One”
“B-One did not cope with to pursue over domain”
“B-One sucks&slow server”
“wants to you have a webhotell do not choose this!!”
“warning for this webbhotell”
“warning for shady webbhotell”
“B-One warning”
“Avråder all from getting webbhotell at B-One”
The exists oräkneliga many more examples on all negative comments concerning B-one, but currently may the be enough so here.


A problem is that all does not know to that B-One has an account at bl Tradedoubler, which means that many sajter has positive statements about B-One, and a link to this company, only since sajten serves money about some orders an account at B-One via the current sajten.
I believe verily many sheep the impression of that the as retyped the positive things B-One knows what the speaks about. Due to all B-One ' s sponsors can one unfortunately the few easy impression that the exists the as thinks B-One is good.

Which is then all those problems I had?

When I sheep little more time over so will I here in stage inform little more about my just specific situation and those huge problems I had with B-One on all ways. The is a correct rysare!

This side is only some I quickly scribbled together, and now will I instead concentrate on those legal measures I will take against B-One.

Extracts from conversation with B-One in order to try the loose problems
(my replies with blue background)

The is a lot of text, sows ahead comes I to summarize my conversation with B-One and to explain perhaps little clearer what that tub itself about.

As can be seen, I become increasingly irritated as the days tick away without that some hand (my senses with versaler is caused of that that format small possibilities are missing in B-One ' s reply form so one cannot indicate words/senses with bold type in their systems).

Approximately 15 aisles during a week baths I about a file list (since the did not function when I tried to see the files) from the support person, without that B-One could give me this file list!!!

A problem that willed can have taken more smally than 1 hour to solve, if the support person personnel had had a susning about your duties, begins now to achieve a week (with exclusion)!!!

I only says thanks and vacations that I never my used e-mail account on B-One! The had been disaster to last without e-mail only in order to an inkompetent “spoling” on B-One will your sensible power and that he/she can do what he/she wants to through shutting down all.

Late: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 3:05 MEMORANDUMS
Subject: We have stängt of for the services www and FTP

We have temporarily stängt of for the services www and FTP for your domain.
Vänligen notice that your subscription has not been taken away which means that the subscription continues jfr.våra business conditions.

The temporary exclusion depends on some of the following reasons:
- infringement of our business conditions.
- Webbhotellabonnemanget miss has been farmed.
- Säkerhetsmässiga bases.

This message has been generated automaticlily. Wide occasion of that you do not know the reason to that your webbhotellabonnemang temporary is suspended will you contact us.

For further information, we ask your to contact:

With kind greeting
Typed on 12-04-2005 16:38: 34

Can you open up most directliest so that I can to begin to rinse?

You has not neither informed about that the scope CAN exceed allowable boundary.
As members, one requires of course that the is not practicallily possible to exceed thickset boundaries. The perhaps willed not last entire error to clearly to inform about so important pieces.

Hopes that I with B-Ones tools now can see what the is that occupies so a lot of scope that your “robot” claims!

When I check on my own hard disk (i e the copy on my HD) how a lot of scope those files I have on the domain occupies to sow is the during 100 MB!!! I am then a lot of stem wondered over how you can few the to that the on your server becomes total 371 MB (of which 9 MB database)!!!

But I hope that you quickly now most direct opens up FTP-utrymmet (and webben, of course) so that my sajt does not lie down unnecessarily, and so that I can to examine this more detailed!!!

The is a lot of frustrating in more urgent situations that this to not to can small up and to speak with some, and the sets higher requirements on that a system that this functions (i e that the actually exists some in other end that acts quicklily) and that one sheep replies direct (that few replies “within 24 hours” can meagreliest be seen as acceptable in such situations).

I do not know reallily how I will can to find what the is that divides between your FTP-server and my copy of the domain on my HD, but in badliest cases may I well go through folder for folder and to check all files, in order to see about I some done mistake so that the claimed 371 MB actually agrees, or about the is B-One that has done a mistake (i e in addition to B-One: s mistakes with your poor information about what as applies).

I have early (in other dossiers) qualified questions to B-One: s support person without that some mine cared itself about replying. This can I not accept, and definitely not on this matter!
Typed on 12-04-2005 17:57: 21


B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 13-04-2005 09:35: 58

Hello, when you check the scope, sees you then the the total file size or how a lot of place the files take on the counter?

Warnings are sent out to your contact address when you approach the boundary so that you have opportunity to correct to the before the side is closed.

We reply always within 24 hours, normal within a hour if you type during office pc IDS.

FTP-kontot is now activated so that you can to rinse, consults of yourself when the is visible in the control panel that you are during the boundary for your account.

Typed on 13-04-2005 14:53: 24

I beonthepointof to rinse now (however gives rensning no effect on the value that is stated in the control panel on how a lot of scope's that be used).

Somewhere must the exist a folder that contains over 200 MB. The is not easy for me to find, and had facilitated about you, that has the tools for this, could find this folder to me.

But I consult of myself when I am clear, and hopes you do not go home today before you opened up webben for me.
B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 13-04-2005 15:13: 38

Hello, I checked this morning, and the material where utspritt quite always on all files. The problem is that the is huge many small files, a small file takes always more place on the hard disk than its proper size.

Utrymmes-statistiken is updated once per days and night, some normal hour after midnatt.

I do an exception and opens the side already now since you thickset igång to rinse, whether we disappear for the day before the is clear.

Typed on 13-04-2005 16:01: 37

Hello, thanks for the opening of the domain… but the does not work. The domain is not still åtkomlig via webben.

I has now done a first review of all folders and rinsed a lot of. But the exists NO big files what I can to see. I know that small files take up bigger scope, but not on a so here drastic ways. The must last an error somewhere. The scope must now occupy less than 100 MB!!!

Grateful if you can fix so that the domain becomes åtkomlig via webben, sows continues I to try to find big files. N.B.!!! Important that sajten immediate is opened up on webben!!!

Since when it comes to that fact that small files take up little (N.B.! “little”) more scope (percentage) sows is this normally depending on attitudes in servern with comp rhyme ring, etc

But I do not pay for that scope that your HP-server wants to that my files will occupy. If my files occupy 80 MB on my hard disk so is the unacceptable if you have a (poorly konfigurera) server that does that 80 MB becomes 372 MB.

Typed on 13-04-2005 21:31: 58

Now, you may actual take and to fix to this immediate. This is fulllständigt unacceptable.
Opens up webbåtkomsten NOW!!! The cannot last so that the customers will sit between in order to you have a non operational equipment and a non operational information.

I has now nevertheless rinsed a lot of, but with that you not succeeded open up webbåtkomsten so can I not rinse more in this stage (I must can to see that the programmes still functions, i e that I take away things unless influences annat, and for this needs I webbåtkomst).

Detected now that you changed files on my ftp-area, why the did not function early. Now, I have to placed back the file for the central side to webbsajten, and the works.

What may I pursue compensation for this unnecessary work I placed down on rensning, and for the period my sajt not been åtkomlig?
I desire to speak with responsible manager and wants to have telephone numbers to this person!
I want to have:
1) compensation
2) confirmed that this will not occur again, and that the scope calculation will happen
after how the big files are, and not after how a lot of place the takes on your server according to incorrect calculations!
3) names and to responsible manager

B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 14-04-2005 09:23: 17

Hello, the does not become the question about some compensation. What willed we have changed?

If you abate the scope and disregards the warnings so is closed the side. As you see to sow lies you still on 349MB, you has not still rinsed sufficientlily.

The contact with ourselves is here.

Typed on 14-04-2005 14:29: 44

I begin now to become correct conscientiouslily irritated, and about I not sheep to speak with some responsible person instead of a “classified” support person (where no balances mine to sign with a first name), and unless B-one solves your problems with the incorrect addition of the scope use so remains the of course not a lot of other for me than agreeing b-one for agreement fractures. I hope to get away this, but I think the tonne from your is not neither particularly genial or cooperative.

Is we agreed about that 100 MB is 100 MB irrespective of each these lies?

PS. Concerning your question what you changed so can I say that you replaced my initial side!
B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 14-04-2005 15:46: 32

Hello, those files you have on your account fulfils more than 100MB. Load down them all in an empty file and to check.

We have not replaced some file.

Typed on 14-04-2005 16:22: 21

Now is the so that I already earlier loaded down all files/folders in an empty file.

The files do not exceed the boundary on 125 MB (you know that the boundary today lies on 125 MB and not 100 MB that you say?).

The files occupy the following size; Total 75 MB of what as now exists left on your FTP-server (of the I come to and can see, and that consults to me).

Agreed? In other cases, sends me a complete file list that willed motsäga my facts!

PS. About you manually replaced my initial side or about the come about automatically knows I not, but facts remain that when you opened up my regelvidrigt locked account so did not exist my start side left (and I got neither no information from your about that so had happened)!

B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 11:55: 05

Hello again, since you not erased files so that you come during the boundary, sows closes we the side again. The is not opened before you the rinsed files and come during 125MB counter stem customs.

The each you that above said “occupies my files less than 100 MB”, therefore mentioned I
since the figure 100MB, since you asserted that your files took more smally place than so.

I have for security's sake checked manuallily an other time, and the is no error on the system. The sees you if you check “size on counter” (about you choir Window) or corresponding variable on another OS.

Typed on 15-04-2005 13:31: 54

B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 13:39: 50

Hello, regrets, but I have explained what as applies.
What says your own computer about scope on the counter?

Typed on 15-04-2005 13:47: 10

Each kind and send me most direct a file list there I can to see what discrepancy between my information and your information is!

I hope you understand that of my 75 MB can I not take away 225 MB in order to come down in what you wants to that the will last after your vansinniga information.
B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 13:48: 44

Hello again, you repeat all the time the size on the files, 75MB. What I ask you to check is how a lot of place the takes on your counter, you will see an entire other figure there.

Typed on 15-04-2005 13:53: 19

But halts here now! I have worked in the computer world in the whole my professionally active lives. Believes you not I knows what I speak about? You will few replies on your question. The files occupy 82 MB.
B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 14:00: 17

Hello, as been said above so has the been checked manuallily. You have then an entirely other kluster-storlek than servern. Further, what as been said above applies. The side is opened when you come during 125MB counter stem customs on servern.

Typed on 15-04-2005 14:05: 00

I'm sorry me, but I believe I can this with klusterstorlek better than you. A correct konfigurera server can NEVER konvertera 75 MB to 350 MB.

But then wants to I that you will tell for me what I will clear of my 75 MB in order to the according to your sense will come down in 125 MB.

Why wants to you not to send a file list???

B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 14:07: 35

Hello again, the list willed become little surely long to send here. The easiest is if you erase all, and since loads up the as is a part of your site.

Typed on 15-04-2005 14:17: 27

You do not need to send the list via snail post office. The goes excellentlily to send this text file via mail to me.

Grateful about you mejlar me this list nearest, sows can I see each problem lies.
All consults to my sajt, and the willed not help about I erased all, and since la in all again.

In order to come further must I therefore have the desired the file list.
B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 14:21: 05

Hello, the is only to dump the in a text file through FTP.

Typed on 15-04-2005 14:31: 42

Does not know how one does this. But about the is so easy so to hope I that you can assist myself with help here and to send a file list to myself?

Either the, or that you tell for me what I will clear in order to my 75 MB will come during 125 MB-gränsen.
B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 14:37: 35

Hello, I will take forward the list, recurs as soon as as possible (the can however to take little time since that tub themselves about so many files).

Typed on 15-04-2005 15:41: 50

How goes the? Opens you up webbåtkomsten again so long (since I will need the in order to can to rinse)?

While I await the file list so wants to I to fit on mentioning that I will clear what the now is that needs to be taken away, although the can become little lurigt to take away 225 MB in order to few 75 MB to coming during 125 MB-gränsen. Special difficultlily becomes the since you not even can to reply on my question about what I need to clear for files in order to you will become pleased.

I can only hope that the file list you send myself can to give me guidance in this for otherwise becomes the actually not easy.

You typed early the following; “you repeat all the time the size on the files, 75MB. What I ask you to check is how a lot of place the takes on your counter, you will see an entire other figure there.”
I gave you a clear reply on this, namely 82 MB. Yes, you had rightly, 82 MB is a “entirely other figure” than 75 MB, but the question is which figure you had intended yourself? Is not also 82 MB during 125 MB?
B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 15-04-2005 16:32: 00

Hello again,
the file list does not have time to to become clear before we go home for the day, sows I put up the as exists now in root on your account. If you want to have the full so sheep the to wait to tomorrow.

I have checked the scope manual, twice in order to be safe on that the not been an error at ourselves. Moreover, you can see on your control panel how a lot of scope the files tar - att you of some reason refuses to accept that figure can we cannot responsibilities for.

What as been said before applies. If you want to go further so advices I yourself that first and in front to read avtalet - om you want to the brute ridding exclusion so can you to do the in a Danish court.

Typed on 15-04-2005 16:41: 25

Thanks for infon about that I can the brute ridding exclusion in Danish court. I will do the.

But opens you up webben now? As I sa so must I have åtkomst to webben so that I can check that things do not end to function for each folder that I takes away.

If you actually has checked the scope manual, what sheep you then the to that my files occupy?

I looked now on the the small file list you la in the root. The list lacked the most important folders, but what I could to see where to sow is the folder “board” that folder as perhaps done that B-ones addition of the file scope falerat (the does not explain however your assertion about that you manual willed have checked the scope and may the to another worth than what I can to see that the is).

This folder occupies 32 MB total (therefore the scope on counter including. all).

I intended now to clear this folder in order to see about remaining 43 MB becomes the correct 43 megabyte also on B-one ' s server. Unfortunately so is the some vajsing somewhere, sows I cannot clear this folder. Can you fix this?

I got the reply on my previous nonplussed question that the support person is open during office pc IDS. Wonders about this “office pc IDS” to be based on the banks' öppettider, for the seems to be very short working days! The feels for me very esteem loose to handle the customers on this way where you goes home and ignores in opening up my sajt despite that I agreed to on rinsing.

About I not each clear enough in what I said;
I cancel hereby my agreement with B-One!

B-ONE Sweden JSO
Typed on 16-04-2005 10:03: 28

is kind reads the agreement.

Typed on 16-04-2005 15:00: 19

Can you develop that with “each kind reads the agreement.” or is the part of B-one ' s strategy to try classified holding so a lot of information that possible?

Why replies you not on my questions?
You do of course only the situation worse and worse for you when you part's refuses to reply on my questions, part's refuses to clear the folder I baths you to clear as is inaccessible for myself on your server, and part's does not open up myself

1. You refuse to help me to clear files that are inaccessible for me on your server (pga some error in your server).
You try therefore deliberatelily to extend the exclusion period only in order to fight with me.

2. You stem refuse me a complete file list.
Such a willed you can have taken forward on approximately 1 minute.
The 14/4 kl. 16.22 baths I you about this. Still today, quite exact 2 days and night (48 hours) after this, has I still not got any file list. I cannot see the on other ways than that you refuse to give myself a file list so that I can begin to rinse, uniting comes in order to fight with me.

3. You refuse to reply my questions.
Despite that I set them time, on time, on time so wants to you not to reply on these.
Why bete you you so bad?

4. You have orättmätigt shut down me and you refuses afterward to assist with help so that I can to rinse.

5. You shut down me;
- not in order to I do not want to do what you ask myself about,
- not in order to the willed last to damage about my webbåtkomst each open,
without only in “utpressningssyfte” but perhaps in front in order to your sensible power.
Believes you that this will become a really fine publicitet for B-One in the future?

6. In response to all my questions and wishes if help types you only a cryptic message; “each kind reads the agreement”, without wanting to explain what you mean.
Synnerligen poor style!

If you consider that the does not be included in your information that supporta the members of B-Ones webbhotell so perhaps you instead can wide area send me to some as can to do this?

I use now in total (“all included”) less than 60 MB of the 125 MB I have that tillgå. I e I use not even the half of what I pay for.



And send me the promised the file list so I can to see about the is more I need/can to clear!

B-ONE Sweden IM
Typed on 17-04-2005 12:01: 35

The responsible recurs tomorrow.

Typed on 17-04-2005 17:28: 32

IM, is the only the “responsible” (therefore JSO) that can open up my webbåtkomst?
You cannot, or does not have authorization for this?

Despite that you equally good as I and someone else any. person on the support person can see that I now lies during 60 MB use so can you not try to alleviate that damage JSO nonplussed to with through opening up webbåtkomsten!

The exists therefore only alltell a support person person on B-One in Sweden, or how?

So this is what “replies within 24 hours” means!!!

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