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Motioner, årsredovisning, årsstämma, extrastämma
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Gammal 2021-01-30, 01:50
nooby nooby är inte inloggad
Reg.datum: Jan 2021
Inlägg: 2
OBS! OBS! OBS! Urgent help- In need for an assessment on my soon to be brf

Hi all!
First I would like to apologize for writing in English, as I have recently moved to Stockholm. I am about to make a purchase on an interesting new project (which only has 1 yearly report) and would love to hear your expert view. I am not well versed in proper interest rates for large loans or conversion dates etc..
Any help would be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Yearly Meeting
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Gammal 2021-01-31, 16:03
merbzt merbzt är inte inloggad
Reg.datum: Mar 2018
Inlägg: 256

I mainly look at how much the loans are reduced. The rate of payment is very small compared to the loans. But the area was(?) not finished based on the report. I think this years report will be better and tell a much complete story.

There are ca 250mkr in loans, these should be payed in like 100 years. With a new house there are pretty much only the people living in the house that can pay it off. The monthly payment must go up to cover this. So based on how low the payment is today this is imo what makes the economy work or not in the future.

But with the house not being ready during this report I can't recommend either way. One would need to look in the "ekonomisk plan" also.
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Gammal 2021-01-31, 17:36
nooby nooby är inte inloggad
Reg.datum: Jan 2021
Inlägg: 2

Thank you for your feedback merbtz! The loction is in the new project in Alby (I know I have heard a lot of negativity about the area, but from my visit the new project seems promising).

My only concern is if the association is good and stable (I heard that if they go bust i can lose my house and still have to pay the mortgage and that just freaked me out!).
For more info you can find the economic plan here.
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