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Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply, I really appreciate the help I wanted to answer before, sorry for that.

So from the board perspective they did what was fair, they asked the neighbours to fix the floor, which they said they did. But what they did is to screw the wood planks to the subfloor (on a surface of 1sqm). Which has lowered the noises in an insignificant amount, I still hear them a lot. The floor is still very squeaky and I can hear those noises everywhere, the root of the problem hasn’t been fixed.

Concerning the “störning”, I don’t think those noises are that strong, they prob don’t reach the 60db level required. But they are constant, irregular in the sound level and above all: not normal.

I contacted the Miljöförvaltningen, which redirected me to Stadsbyggnadsexpeditionen, and they said that this does not require a building permit so that’s not something that can be handled by them. I don’t really know who can tell me if the floor they have is well built or not and “Gott skick”..

And I have also been very patient, always kept a nice tone but it’s been over 6months now and it seems that they are using the fact that I am nice to not do anything. I’ve been advised to be a bit more strict and so that’s what I am trying to do now.
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